Artist-designed jewelry at Magpie


A jewelry piece for the Benchworks initiative at Magpie Jewelry of Ottawa

Central to my art practice is heightening a person’s sense of themselves and their
surroundings. At the invitation of Magpie Jewelry, I designed a necklace
that is,  in fact, a miniature tool and intended to make wearer more
aware of themselves, their posture and their physical relation to the objects in
their environment.

A plumb bob is a basic carpenter’s tool that determines a vertical line through the use
of gravity. A cord is affixed to a point above and pulled straight downward by
a weight, or the plumb. This plumb pendant is functional and constantly draws
downward as if providing alignment for the wearer’s body. Even if the pendant
is not dropping freely from the neck, the wearer, conscious of the pendant’s
function, may walk with a more erect posture or become more attuned to the
verticality within the architecture around them.

The jewelry design was created with the assistance of Joanna Swim.

The necklace can be purchased at the three Magpie Jewelry stores. A launch will
will be held on the evening of November 6th.


Plumb Pendant on white

Plumb Pendant photo: Andrew Szeto