Safe As Houses, Nuit Blanche Toronto, 2009

Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche Toronto 2009, October 3rd – 4th, 2009
Panorama Tower – Lakeshore Blvd and Dan Leckie Way

The expression “safe as houses” refers to the permanence and protection of one’s home. As a way of playing with this notion, an entire residential tower was treated with light, making it appear impermanent by night. For the installation, Concord CityPlace Developments offered the use of Panorama, a 28-storey, elliptically shaped tower, which was glazed but not yet occupied in October 2009. 600 construction beacon were placed on the balconies on the top 21 floors. The beacons strobed in asynchronous fashion resulting in a tower that sparkled with an ever so slowly shifting pattern of light, visually dissolving the glazed façade and challenging our preconceptions of architecture as solid and unchanging.

The Panorama Tower as seen from Lake Shore Blvd on the night of October 3rd. Photo by Andrew Alexander.

The Panorama Tower as seen from north on the night of October 3rd. Photo courtesy of Brayham Contemporary