UN Decorations Series, 1994

The works of the UN Decoration Series consist of painted renditions of military ribbons abutted one atop the other to create a 60’s/70’s hard edge composition. These renditions are then presented on museum-like mounts surfaced with Formica. The military duty represented by the ribbons is subjugated to the overall decorative appearance of the piece. Here, appearance is certainly, and demonstratively, more important than content.

UN Observer Group in Central America / UN Mission in El Salvador
Size: 2’8″ x 4’8″ x 6″
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas and Formica
One of a series of five UN Decoration pieces

UN Decoration Series, 1994
Exhibited at the Ottawa Art Gallery for the Practice Ground Exhibition,
September 15th to October 30th, 1994

WWII Decoration Series

Like the UN Decoration series, the WWII Decoration Series consists of military ribbons abutted one atop the other to create an abstract composition. This series of couplings is mounted on an Arborite surface that looks suspiciously like a small folding table. Where the WWII series differs from its sister series is that it is painted with encaustic. The bumpy polished surface of the encaustic provides an antique quality and, appropriately, a respectful tone.

India Service Medal, 1939-45 / War Medal, 1939-45
Size: 1’11” x 4’5″
Medium: Encaustic on Plywood and Arborite
One of a series of five WWII Decoration pieces.

WWII Decorations Series, 1994
Exhibited at the Cornwall Regional Art Gallery as part of the Decorations exhibition,
October 23rd to November 25th, 1995.