Roundel Paintings 1997 and 2002

International Military Aviation Insignia Series

Like the UN Decorations Series, the IMAI Series borrows the pure abstraction of recognizable symbols and recontextualizes them. The grouping of small round paintings simultaneously recalls a boy’s model collection and Claude Tousignant’s 70’s,┬áhard-edge roundels.

Aviation Insignia Series, acrylic on canvas, 1997

Aviation Insignia Series,

International Military Aviation Insignia, 1997-8, Installation at Carl Davis Gallery
Size: Thirty 8″ Round canvasses
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

The Target Series
Based on the pistol practice taken while exhibiting in West Virginia in 2001, the Target Series is comprised of 21 small round canvasses that in size and arrangement emulate the calibre and grouping of the weapon being fired – loads of fun.

The series was created for Red Scare, a solo exhibition at the Old Dominion University Gallery in Norfolk, Virginia in September, 2002.

Target Series, acrylic on canvas, 2002

Target Series, acrylic on canvas, 2002