Cold War Cards, 1998

Now the Cold War can be fun for the whole family!
This full colour set of 20 trading cards is not only entertaining,  but it’s highly collectible as well. Think of the hours of quality time you and your loved ones will have pouring over these timeless momentos.


In response to CNN’s coverage of the Gulf War and their five video cassette set of the “Best of the Gulf War”, I created a set of historical trading cards that parody the info-tainment approach to serious subject matter. Punchy, glib and sensational, the Cold War Cards seem to be very much the product of a commodity-minded America. In keeping, a rather rah-rah voice is sported throughout the cards which, while appropriate to the medium, ultimately reinforces the absurd potential of the Cold War and the hype necessary to keep the West ready, willing and able.

The cards and merchandisers were placed at various retail locations, where it was difficult to tell whether they were a crass commercial product or a parody of a crass commercial product. Card sets came with a stick of Wrigley’s Double Stealth Gum.

The original website continued the tone and tenor of the cards and offered a further Cold War information.

The reverse of each card contains text and graphics. Here are a few samples.