Star Power Series, 2002

September 21-29, 2002
Kitchener, Ontario

The line between propaganda and advertising is a thin one. Star Power presents the viewer with a series of ads that mix communist iconography and images of hydro electricity. Bold and visually stopping, the images further confuse the question of who is in control of electrical power in Ontario: Is it some far left consortium, or is a company simply borrowing the radical chic of Soviet design as part of an ad campaign? Plastered onto construction hoarding in downtown Kitchener, the origin and intent of the images remained elusive.

The Star Power Series was presented as part of CAFKA (Contemporary Art Forum – Kitchener), September 21-29, 2002. The theme of the 2002 Forum was ‘Power to the People’.

Bus Power Series

As a way of introducing the theme of this year’s forum, ‘Power to the People’, to the people of Kitchener, Ontario, I was asked to create a work for the ad-slots inside the buses of the local transit system. The result was three ad-like images that allude to seduction of power.
CAFKA (Contemporary Art Forum – Kitchener), 2002 ran from September 21-29, 2002.