You Are Here, 2002

September-October, 2002
Sumter, South Carolina

Like much of my work, this installation combined interests in advertising, abstraction, and the Cold War. You Are Here saw a large vinyl appliqué placed on the storefront window of an old print shop in downtown of Sumter, South Carolina. Appearing to be an official commeration of some sort, the sign states “YOU ARE HERE: The 40th Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis” and features a large roundel. Finding oneself in front of the target shape while being instructed to recall the nuclear brinkmanship of October 1962 was intended to evoke the sense of vulnerability felt by Americans 40 years ago.

You Are Here was presented as part of Accessibility 2002, an annual installation art event held in September and October in the city of Sumter, SC.

Signage Vinyl